An Up Close Look at the Tiny House (Part 2)

It's time for another up close look at the tiny house! A big thank you to all of our clients and readers that have taken the time to look up the businesses that we mentioned in our last post. Don't forget to stop by our gallery to see more unique items and to purchase many of the pieces that you see here in our posts.


These stools are a huge part of Wyoming history. Those of you that have traveled our state are probably familiar with the Shoshoni Malt Shop. While it has been closed for several years, it used to be a Summer hot spot for tourists and locals alike. These orange stools used to reside in this beloved Wyoming business and are a special touch that Wyoming residents will appreciate.

This custom outdoor table is created from barnwood (the same used in the end table) and offers the perfect place for our adventurer to blog and edit photographs. The beautiful outdoor striped rug is from a local store Mustard Seed that we love to visit for unique home goods.


This wall is the perfect example of what Western Contemporary Design means to us. The crisp color of the wall balances the bold geometric print on the Pendleton blanket curtains. The unique sphere shape of the chandelier stays fresh with it's natural tones and the knick knacks and pictures add just the right bit of Western appeal. The custom curtain rod partnered with the rivets and leather straps (created by Corner Upholstery) is simple in design, yet rustic. The photographs are some of Shawn's own from the gallery.

This deer head is one of the most popular pieces in the Tiny House! Shawn purchased it from Mountain Dandy, a store located in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

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Photo Credit goes to Erin Potter of Erin Potter Photography